Teachings/ Tenets of Sikhism

Naam Japo/Meditation

Naam Japo/Meditation on God's Name- It is God's grace to repeat and focus the mind on His name or identity. One's inner voice remains imbued with reverence and gratitude of the Creator and the ONE ETERNAL GOD and his will. While contemplating God's names a devotee is able to get nām, the divine connection with God. Nām is able to fulfill all desires and cleanse the mind of its impurities distress.

Vand Chakko/ Sharing

Vand Chakko/ Sharing with others- It means to share what you have and to consume it together as a community. This could be wealth, food. etc. The term is also used to mean to share one's wealth with others in the community, to give to charity, to distribute in Langar and to generally help others in the community who need help. A Sikh is expected to contribute a portion of their wealth or income to people in need or to a worthy cause.

Kirat Karo/ Honest Living

Kirat Karo/ Honest Living- The term means to earn an honest, pure and dedicated living by exercising one's God-given skills, abilities, talents and hard labor for the benefit and improvement of the individual, their family, and society at large. This means to work with determination and focus by the sweat of one's brow and not to be lazy and to waste one's life to time.


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