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Oneness Event 2019

In 2019, we celebrated the 550th birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji with an event in New Jersey that brought together the Sikh community and others to honor his legacy. The event was a tremendous success, highlighting themes of unity, love, and service.

Highlights from 2019

  • Cultural Performances: Traditional Sikh music showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Sikh community.
  • Spiritual Discourses: Esteemed speakers delivered thought-provoking talks on Guru Nanak’s philosophy and its relevance today.
  • Community Service: Attendees engaged in acts of service, reflecting Guru Nanak’s commitment to selfless service and justice.
  • Art Exhibits: Displayed artworks inspired by Guru Nanak’s life and teachings, including paintings, calligraphy, and sculptures.
  • Color Guard Ceremony: Symbolizing respect and honor for all faiths and communities.
  • Dramatic Representations: Capturing significant events from Guru Nanak‚Äôs life.
  • Interfaith Prayer Service and Inspirational Talks.
  • Mesmerizing Performances: Including a sand artist and unique live painting on stage.
The “Oneness” event in 2019 was more than a celebration, it was a movement to promote the values of unity and love that Guru Nanak advocated. Join us for the upcoming celebration on November 9, 2024, at Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey, as we continue to honor Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s legacy with cultural performances, spiritual discourses, and community activities. For more details, please follow us on social media. Contact: +1 (800) 646-1312 Email: contact@onenessusa.com Social Media: Facebook | Instagram
Ravi Bhalla / Director
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    Gurbir Grewal / Director
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      Chintaman Yogi / Director
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        Nirinjan Kaur / Director
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          Philip D Murphy / Director
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            Satpal Singh UK / Director
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