Event Details

09th November 2024 New Jersey Performing Arts Center

  • Cultural Performances and Art Exhibits:

    Traditional Sikh music. Artworks inspired by Guru Nanak’s life, including paintings, calligraphy, and sculptures. Meet and greet with our speakers and guests, accompanied by music.

  • Spiritual Discourses:

    Esteemed speakers exploring Guru Nanak's teachings and their relevance today.

  • Community Service:

    Engage in acts of service and reflect on Guru Nanak’s commitment to selfless service.

  • Color Guard Ceremony:

    Honoring all faiths and communities.

  • Dramatic Representations:

    Capturing significant events from Guru Nanak's life.

  • Interfaith Prayer Service:

    Promoting unity and peace.

  • Inspirational Talks:

    Exploring the importance of Guru Nanak's teachings in contemporary society.